Transit Facilities in Long Beach for Visitors

Every year around 3 lakh tourists across the globe land in Long Beach to enjoy small sabbatical near the seashore. Being the most visited holiday destination, the city of Long Beach has to excel in providing all necessary facilities be it transport, budget accommodations or restaurants etc. From all of these the city gives 100% safe & convenient transport facilities to its visitors.

Long Beach Transit facilities for Visitors

Long Beach considerably offers following transports:

Passport Shuttle
The city provides free Passport Shuttle to its visitors. You can board this shuttle from Downtown Long Beach and visit all of the must see attractions of the city. A mere charge of $1.00 is spent and your passport links you to local tourist destinations such as the Queen Mary Belmonte Shore, Shoreline Village, Long Beach City College, California University and Bixby Knolls.

Public Transport
Long Beach’s transport department provides bus and metro services within the city. The department establishes appropriate rates, schedules and routes to its visitors. The Metro Blue Line system and bus system gets you conveniently and easily to all distant destinations. The city also operates a para and trolley transit services.

The city of Long Beach targets to become the most bike-friendly city. Bikestation of Long Beach is an ultimate spot for those visitors, who wish to travel by bike. The station offers convenient space for bike parking, bikes on rental basis, retail sales and bicycle accessories and information to plan commute trips.

Long Beach Airport Shuttle
At Long Beach Airport, you don’t need to struggle for taxi that would drop you to your preferred accommodation. You can also find other transport options that suits your budget. One of them is the Long Beach Airport Shuttle which is more convenient and more economical than a taxi or limo. The shuttle is shared with other passenger going in the same direction. You can even reach your preferred destination via bus or metro following the most suitable routes.

Hence, we can conclude that when it comes to transport facilities, Long Beach is safe, convenient and pocket friendly for its visitors.