Holiday Attractions and Budget Accomodation in Long Beach

Long beach, one of the most popular tourist destination in California, offers its visitors a long list of things to be done while visiting Long Beach for holidays.

Exclusive Events

The city of Long Beach brings special events for its visitors throughout the year. However, the month of December offers a variety of festivals, sporting events, and celebrations, including the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach, Long Beach Bayou, Long Beach Jazz Festivals, Catalina Ski Race, Long Beach Pride and many more skilful events.

Relax & Rejuvenate in Long Beach

At long beach you can find a large range of Saloons and Spa that provides mind relaxation and health treatments. You can also avail special discount during Christmas and New Year at A.P.C. Hair Salon, Hudavi Wellness Spa, Kiwi Nail Lounge, Mobile Massage and many more.

Lively Nightlife at Long Beach

Enjoy scintillating salsa, sultry jazz, classic rock n roll and some of the leading sounds. From Latin Clubs to Jazz, everything grooves at Long Beach. From downtown in the East Village or in Belmont Shore, you can find hot band, sizzling hangout and sizzling dance floor to provide you the best time at Long Beach.

Go wild while shopping

Long Beach brims with extra ordinary speciality shops, colourful bazaar, trendy fashion stores and hip furniture stops. The downtown menagerie, Fourth Street’s funky flair, Second Street’s boutique shops in Belmont Shore and other shopping destinations are compiled at one place.

Adventure sport at Long Beach

Long Beach, being a beach destination bring exciting adventure sports for its visitors. The 5.5 miles of breath taking waterfront by bicycle, Jet skis, kayaks, boats, wind surfboards and more are all just a rental away to help you conquer the waterways and enjoy a relaxing afternoon on the coast. You can also enjoy the heart thumping roar of turbo charged engines at the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach.

Budget Accomodation at Hotel Long Beach Inn

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Attractions in Long Beach

Long Beach, the seventh-largest city in California, is maritime centre of U.S. The port of Long Beach is the busiest container port & one of the world’s largest shipping port. Apart from this Long Beach is a perfect place for vacations, as it offers various attractions. We will be introducing some of them.

Attractions in Long Beach

Shoreline Village: This place drives people crazy with its events, like- celebrating Halloween, Zombie walks and so on. It gifts its visitors a great view of Queen Mary, Harbour, and the Pacific Ocean. This place offers Multi-cuisine to its visitors. Along the water, there is a line of old building, all painted with an assortment of different bright colours, that grabs visitors attention. Visitors regard Shoreline Village as perfect place to relax and have fun.

Long Beach Museum of Art: Long Beach Museum of Art is a gift by Long Beach for art lovers. This museum displays art collection, especially Handicrafts, which provides a nice platform to artist to show their talent. It also provides educational programmes for youth and adults.

Rainbow Lagoon: Rainbow lagoon is an open space area landscape for leisurely stroll along water. It is designed in a traditional Japanese style with two connected islands & surrounding park with high arched “Rainbow”.

Queen Mary: It is a historical landmark and an entertainment venue. It gives visitors a unique glimpse into a bygone era when steamships were the most regal way to travel.

Catalina Island: Catalina cruise from Long Beach takes you to Catalina Island in an hour. This place is close to nature, some regard it as Paradise on earth. Visitors find it as a perfect destination for romantic date, where endless crystal Clear water & dramatic vistas surrounds them.

Aquarium of the pacific: Aquarium of the pacific is a world class Aquarium, exploring the waters of Southern California and Baja, the Northern Pacific. Aquarium exhibits Shark Lagoon, the Lorikeet Forest aviary & Watershed: Pathway to Pacific.