Art and Culture of Long Beach

Long Beach is a place of diverse culture. The Economic Development and Cultural Affairs of Long Beach supports a variety of services, programs and incentives to ensure that art & culture grows and prospers. Since, Long Beach is one of the most visited tourist places of California, it has become an epicentre of a lively and dynamic artistic place. Exhibitions, Ballet performances, Musical events including Opera and Symphony Orchestra and other cultural activities are always going on for people to enjoy their stay at Long Beach.

Long Beach Art & Culture

Exhibitions- Exhibitions allow you to see and celebrate the art and culture of the place. Long Beach introduces, ‘Bodies and Titanic-The Experience’, an exhibition that gives intimate and informative view into the human body. Long Beach Museum of Art is another place that conducts exhibitions like A Memoir of Water: Works by Young-Il Ahn and Presence and Absence: Black and White which are some of the best exhibitions to see in Long Beach. The Museum follows the theme of moods of colours in its collection.

Music- Ocean itself is a music to our ears and in Long Beach where world-class arts and cultural exhibition complement a spectacular seaside locale, it’s a treat for music lovers to be a part of it. A musical masterpiece at the waterside, Long Beach Symphony Orchestra features some of the best of Southern California’s professional musicians. The soothing environment with live musical events near the seashore make you feel like heaven on earth.

Dance & Theatre – The art and culture of any country is incomplete without dance and theatre. Visitors relish their stay at Long Beach by visiting Khmers Art Academy, Long Beach Terrace Theatre and Long Beach Ballet which are some of the finest places for ballet & theatre performances. International City Theatre is an award-winning theatre in Long Beach which is reasonable, delightful to eyes and creates an emotional bridge with its viewers.

Long Beach Lesbian & Gay Pride- One of the premiere Pride events that attracts a large number of crowd in Long Beach is The Long Beach Lesbian and Gay Pride Celebration. This festive celebration with several dance performances, is enthusiastic and passionate. The positivity in this parade supporting Lesbian and Gay rights, is a great experience for Long Beach visitors.